UPDATE: The Cincinnati Chili is on the menu now at $7.50 a 20ounce serving.

Actually it is both. We are soon to offer Cincinnati 5 way chili. Skyline is a brand, well known by many, however the best is Camp Washington. I came across this tasty item many months ago and have been working behind the scenes on offering this on the menu. Well we are getting close. Close enough to do a photo shoot today and some taste testing with customers. This is not chili con carne or Spanish jalepeno pepper chili, but a Greek chili made with exotic spices from the Mediteranean area. It was put together by some Greek immigrants to southern Ohio in 1923 when they opened their first chili parlor. Now the city is known for many, I mean many chili parlors. A typical family will go out and have chili once a week. So what makes this so special? First off it is not served in a bowl all juicy wet like regular chili on a cold day, but served over a bed of spaghetti on a hot day. Thats right, a 21 ingredient chili served over a bed of spaghetti with a mountain of shredded Wisconsin cheddar cheese on top. Our offering will be a full 20 ounces/1 1/4 pounds of tasty, appetite filling Cincinnati 5 way, but in the 3 way version. The 4 way version is with sweet chopped onions and the 5 way is with the additon of red kidney beans.  Below is the first pictures of this Cincinnati gourmet item.


Steve H.
07/21/2011 15:08

I was there on the day that you posted this, but had the Cubano. You were telling me about the chili 3-way, and I can not wait to return and give it a try. Thanks for the warm welcome and the delicious food!


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