Edit note 7-13-11: Since we made these and sold a few, we have determined to not offer these at this time, since they will compete with our Cornwall Pasties. So we have these in park for a future potential release item.

If you have not met them yet, you soon will. We will be offering an old East German/Western Russian sandwich on the menu. These sandwiches are made in many kinds of ways, but ours will be made similar to a pasty. So what is in one? Just another tasty concoction that man has devised to get those gastronomic juices flowing. I think this will be  a healthy kind of sandwich. They c0ntain ground beef, ground pork, cabbage, shredded carrots and chopped onions. The flavor combination is enhanced with a special combination of seasonings to bring out that German type of flavor. These are going to be great for lunch or take out. This post will be edited with pictures and price next week.  Well I have a picture of some German Bierocks, but will not be pricing for a while. Some of them have opened up during baking and the juice tends to carbonize. Although the carbon is around the outside and not underneath. The flavor is awsome. I used spicy pork in with the beef and the additional seasonings give these a German flavor. I ate 2 small ones without any ketsup or any other kind of dip. Tasty is the word.